04 March 2007

The Evils of the Internet

I was talking with my youngest brother-in-law recently. We're really good friends. He's in High School now, and I've known him since he was seven years old.

A few weeks ago we talked about pornography and masturbation. He mentioned a couple things about "my friend" does this and "my friend" does that, and when I didn't freak out, he let on that he did it too. I let him know I don't think he's a terrible sick person for doing it, and he's healthy and normal. He was incredibly relieved.

We discussed the difference between using porn and being addicted, how masturbation is safe solo sex, etc. I mentioned that porn sex can be distorted, it's not a place to learn about sex and what women want, and real sex is infinitely better.

Apparently he was so enheartened by my reaction that he decided to tell his dad and the bishop, too.

Oops. FIL banned him from the internet, and the phone, and from everything besides school, plus then some. The bishop was practically more moderate. I was actually really surprised and disappointed with FIL's reaction.

BIL basically told me "see if I ever tell my dad anything again." He's already figured out ways to sneak past them. I think that is so, SO much worse than any of the porn stuff—the fact that he isn't ever going to tell his parents what he really does because of what they'll do to him. He's a good kid, but what if he did take a bad turn, or he didn't know where to turn? What if he needed some advice?