29 October 2006

Hats and Tats

Halloween is becoming my new favorite holiday. It's so unholy! Give it a couple more years and might win out over Winter Solstice! We'll see which one has the most fire, the most licentious costumes, the most wine, and the most dancing.

This year I went as a pirate (in an appropriately inappropriate costume). I got a big piratey hat, and a little piratey top, and for only the third time ever in my life, I was wearing a top that almost couldn't contain my boobs. Everyone was so pleased.

Solistics did some body art on the small of my backā€”an anchor, to help emphasize my pirate booty and give a little treasure map to that someone who might have had a bit too much rum and wants be pointed in the right direction. It looks awesome. It'll probably be around for another week.


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